FAQ: Stationary or Spinning

X-Poles come in two types. SPORT (XS) is a purely static pole. XPERT (XX) is static and spinning in one pole. To change the mode of operation 2 screws are released or tightened to transfer X-Pole from static to spinning or back again. This takes less than 15 secs. With the screws tightened the X-Pole is locked solid and is in Static mode.


FAQ: What is the difference in pole diameters (thickness)?

40mm (1.5in) - slimmest pole yet and great for small hands

45mm (1.75in) - easy to grip with your hands and is used in worldwide competitions

50mm (2in) - More difficult to grip with your hands, but best for leg holds & inversions


FAQ: What Ceiling Surfaces Can I Use It On?

X-Pole can be used against almost any level ceiling surface. It's silicone edging has hi-grip capabilities. Rough surfaces, such as Artex, may present a problem depending on how rough they are. It is not a case of not being stable enough, it is as to whether the ceiling will be damaged if uneven pressure is placed on it.

X-Pole cannot be used on false or suspended ceilings.


FAQ: Will It Damage My Floor?

No it will not damage your floor. X-Pole can be used on virtually any floor concrete, wood, tile, carpet etc. X-Pole has a soft silicone pad around the base. This gives excellent adhesion to virtually any surface and stops damage. X-Pole can be used on wood, tiles and carpet.  When using‚  X-Pole on carpet the pole must be taken down so a lasting indent is not made in the carpet.


FAQ: Portability of X-Pole

X-Pole is supplied a carry case or cases so they can be transported about easily. The  tube carry case can also carry additional optional extensions. Both carry cases have shoulder straps to make them easy to carry,

X-Pole was the first truly portable Professional pole that could be carried from venue to venue and is credited with being the pole that expanded and help grow the pole exercise and dance industry.


FAQ: What should I wear?

Pole exercise and dance moves require friction between skin and the pole therefore the more exposed skin the better. Shorts and a crop top are ideal, bikini for the more daring.

However, it is important to feel comfortable so wear what you feel comfortable wearing even if you may not be able to do some of the moves due to lack of friction.


FAQ: How Much Does The X-Pole Weigh?

X-Poles vary in weight depending on the type of pole and the material it is made of.

In their carry cases X-Poles weigh between 15 ~ 20Kg (33 ~ 44lbs).

However, with the heavier poles (XPERT) the weight is split into a tube case and the base and upper case.


FAQ: How Long Does It Take To Put Up?

When first assembling X-Pole it will take about 10 minutes as the height will need to be measured, the extensions selected (if required).  Subsequent installations will take 3-5 minutes depending on the level of breakdown.


FAQ: What Is A Stud Finder?

A stud finder is an electronic device that locates solid objects such as joists, beams etc. It senses changes in density of the material it is measuring and either 'beeps' or lights an LED.


FAQ: How Do I Locate Joists?

Joists are the pieces of wood or metal that support the floors in a building. The ceiling is also normally attached to them. X-Pole uses pressure to stabilise it so it needs to be positioned against two joists.  Joists can be located by either tapping across the ceiling with a knuckle or with an electronic stud finder. With a knuckle you tap across until a more solid sound is heard - this is a joist or beam. A hollow sound is the space between the joists. A stud finder will locate the joist electronically (see what is a stud finder).


FAQ: How Strong Is An X-Pole

X-Pole has been designed for general pole dancing use. It uses hi-grade material and has been developed with strength and stability in mind.

A dance pole is used in many different circumstances - gyms with sprung floors, different heights, different celling types etc. and any weight limits would also be dependent on how the pole in used. Approached and used properly an X-Pole will handle high weights - people of 115Kg (18 Stone) have used them as have two dancers (guy and a girl) but a  115kg (18 stone) rugby player that takes a run and throws himself at the pole, introducing extreme side loads, is a different matter.

As far as strength and weight goes an X-Pole in capable of being danced on by anyone up to 115KG providing the pole is installed properly (that is very important as is it being checked regularly) and also used properly.


May 25, 2012

“There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.”  ~Edwin Denby 


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