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Get everything you need for pole dancing at The Pole Monkey Store!   SPECIAL OFFERS / PRODUCT INFO

Whether a beginner, intermediate or professional, Pole Monkey Store has the right pole and accessories for you!  Pole Dancing is the best way to get fit, get in touch with your inner self-expression while having fun and being flirty!

We sell official X-Poles, which are produced to the highest standards guaranteeing you the best pole experience on the market.

Featuring some of the most advanced design and engineering you’ll find in the world of pole exercise and dance, X-Pole has been developed in consultation with leading dancers to meet the demands of professional pole dancing.

Removable and fully portable, X-Pole is quick and easy to install and it’s clean, ergonomic design looks great in any surroundings.

Get all accessories, DVDs and apparel you need to pole dance right here.

And remember ... Monkeys are about fun and play.  So is life!


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